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Water Tank Refurbishment and Upgrade

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Due to the requirement within ACoP L8 for regular tank inspections the condition found in water storage tanks is often an identified area of concern. Corrosion, bacterial colonisation, over capacity, access and compliance with the Tank and Fittings Regulations are only some of the reasons why water storage tanks may be considered for replacement or refurbishment.


In order to ascertain which course of action best suits our clients both practically and economically Envirocure Ltd will often provide different options detailing the benefits within each.

Tank Refurbishment


This option is predominantly designed to return a tank to compliance. This can be via the application of approved coatings, Butyl linings or a combination of both.


Tank Replacement


Where a tank is beyond practical refurbishment or where the capacity, design or the clients preference means a tank requires replacement, Envirocure Ltd is able to be competitive with this service.

Tank Upgrade


As a result of the Legionella risk assessment process many tanks are identified as needing small alterations in order to bring them in line with ACoP L8 and the Tank and Fitting Regulation requirements. This can be as simple as fitting a lid, a vent or overflow screen or as complex as re-routing inlet/outlets or insulating the vessel etc. Envirocure Ltd undertake all areas of tank refurbishment and will provide detailed documentation in line with ACoP L8 requirements.

Cold Water Storage Tank with Heavy Corrosion
Cold Water Storage Tank with Heavy Corrosion

These vessels are heavily corroded and are under attack from sulphate reducing bacteria. Both of these processes provide nutrients and environment for Legionella growth

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