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Legionella Risk Assessment

Providing Quality Service Nationwide

Envirocure provide a number of tailored risk assessment packages all of which comply with the requirements of the HSE Approved Code of Practice L8 / HSG 274 and performed to BS8580 standard.


ACoP L8 directs the nominated responsible person for Legionella control to undertake a Legionella risk assessment. Where this person is not suitably competent / qualified a specialist contractor must be used.


Envirocure Ltd has achieved the criteria set out by the Legionella Control Association's Code of Conduct. This is an independent organisation that ensures all its members have met the standards that are required for the user to be assured of the contractor’s competence.


Systems that are included within the standard assessment are: -


  • Domestic hot water assets and systems

  • Domestic cold water assets and systems

  • Showers and spray tap outlets


The following items are excluded from the standard risk assessment, but are avilable on request: -


  • Cooling towers / condensers

  • Process water

  • Machine coolant

  • Spas and swimming pools


Envirocure Ltd Legionella risk assessments are provided in hard copy and / or electronic format.


Typical assessments will include: -


  • An overview and history of Legionella

  • The management structure of the organisation with regards to Legionella

  • An asset overview of equipment included within the assessment

  • A detailed breakdown of the condition and risk associated with each identified asset

  • Pictorial evidence to support the condition survey

  • A prioritised list of identified hazards and the associated risks

  • A guidance section to give practical measures which can be undertaken to reduce / remove the highlighted areas within the risk assessment

  • A schematic overview of the assessed systems


As well as the standard Legionella assessments Envirocure provide client specific assessments for use in Sheltered Accommodation, Schools, Housing Association properties, Hospitals and Government buildings.

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