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Water Hygiene and Disinfection

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The need for water hygiene is a basic requirement that most would appreciate. Water should be provided by the relevant water authority in a condition that is acceptable and fit for its purpose. However, once water is distributed into the pipework of a building, its condition becomes the responsibility of the owner / occupier.


In order to meet this standard, there is often a need for plant etc. to be disinfected/chlorinated i.e. cooling towers, cold water storage tanks, domestic water systems, mains supply.


Listed below are some typical examples of when a disinfection should be carried out: -


  • Before the commissioning of new pipework installations

  • Modification to existing pipework

  • Bacterial contamination of a system

  • Sample analysis reveals Legionella presence

  • Water storage tank cleaning as per ACoP L8 / HSG274 Part 2 requirements

  • General maintenance and to maintain hygiene standards


The recognised standard for water system disinfection is BS8558 / PD855468. Wherever possible Envirocure Ltd will ensure this standard is met and will safeguard its compliance with independent verification.

Dirty Cold Water Storage Tank

Cold Water Storage Tank exhibiting heavy biofilm and stagnation due to lack of turnover

Dirty Cold Water Storage Tank

Combination Water Heater Tank showing scale build up and copper oxide

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