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About Us

Providing Quality Service Nationwide

Envirocure Ltd via our offices in Kent and Glasgow are a UK/National Environmental Air and Water Hygiene service provider.


These specialist services include the provision of: -


  • Legionella Management

  • Water Treatment

  • Ventilation Hygiene


Legionella Management


Envirocure Ltd via its in-house consultancy team provides the complete requirements of HSE ACoP L8 and HSG274 including Legionella risk assessments, on site log books, system upgrades and emergency action procedures in the event of a positive Legionella laboratory result. Site specific regimes of these services are currently being used in Housing Associations, Local Government and NHS trusts.


Water Treatment


The pace of water treatment technology in maintenance procedures is a constantly evolving process.


Services offered within this sector include: -


  • Disinfection/chlorination

  • Calorifier descales

  • Biocide and inhibitor treatment of heating and chilled systems

  • Flushing of new pipework installations


Ventilation Hygiene


Envirocure Ltd have involvement with the ventilation hygiene community and have an in depth knowledge of BESA (formerly B&ES / HVCA) TR/19, CIBSE TM26 and BS EN 15780 Guidelines with regard to hygiene in both supply and extract systems including existing and new installations.


Services available include: -


  • Site assessments and sample testing for compliancy with regard to hygiene standards

  • Ventilation ductwork cleaning and sanitisation

  • Fitting of access doors to DW144 standard in all locations and building types


These services would be applicable in schools, government buildings, construction sites, sheltered housing, office workspaces and restaurants etc.

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