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Air Hygiene and Duct Cleaning

Providing Quality Service Nationwide

Envirocure Ltd undertakes a full range of ductwork cleaning and associated services to benchmark industry standards. These include: -


  • BESA (formerly B&ES / HVCA) TR/19

  • CIBSE TM44

  • CIBSE TM26

  • HTM 03

  • BS EN 1578


Most modern buildings have some form of controllable ventilation. The purpose of an air conditioned environment is to provide breathable air of an acceptable quality and temperature and to remove stale or contaminated air.


In the main, little consideration is given by the occupants of a building to its air conditioning unless it is uncomfortably hot or cold. However, it is critical that the hygiene of ductwork in areas such as kitchens and manufacturing areas is managed properly.


It should be understood that neglected ductwork systems have been linked with health related problems such as sick building syndrome detailed in HSG132, Legionella Pneumophila detailed in ACoP L8 and toxic mould already identified as the cause of numerous deaths throughout the Americas. Loss of life through fire, as described in Loss Prevention Council documentation, is also a severe consequence of neglected maintenance of ventilation systems.

Dirty Ductwork
Dirty Ductwork

The photographs above show examples of contamination within ductwork which presents both a fire risk and an environment for bacterial growth

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