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Air Site Assessment and Testing

Providing Quality Service Nationwide

Envirocure Ltd is capable of working to most of the recognised industry standards of inspection.


Most commonly used is a blend of BESA (formerly B&ES / HVCA) TR/19 & CIBSE TM26 standards. The reason that these two guidance documents can be simultaneously followed is that they approach ventilation hygiene from different perspectives. Both standards require assessments to be carried out on a biennial basis, with reviews being undertaken annually.


BESA (formerly B&ES / HVCA) TR/19 uses contaminates as the basis for its condition criteria, whilst CIBSE TM26 is based on bacterial colonisation. In order to undertake this combined assessment, a qualified consultant would attend site, discuss the buildings use, with any available on site authorised personnel, then walk the building, planning which key areas to use as sample points for the purpose of the audit.


Where possible the audit is completed using existing access points. The audit contains pictorial, bacterial and debris evidence. Samples of debris are taken using either vacuum test (VT) or deposit thickness test (DTT).


The findings from each system is then compared to the relevant guidelines and a risk category allocated. Envirocure will then provide detailed recommendations as to the most appropriate remedial action (including cleaning method). Budget costs will then be supplied in order to allow strategic planning.

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