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Air and Water Hygiene Services

Providing Quality Service Nationwide

Envirocure Ltd is a specialist contractor able to deal with all issues surrounding the hygiene of plant and equipment with specific regard to Legionella.


We have a proven track record with clients that include Hospitals, Councils, Housing Associations, Sheltered Accommodation, M&E companies, Letting Agencies and Landlords.


Envirocure staff are fully employed and trained. Our company accreditations are proof of experience and professionalism.


Our services include: -


  • Risk Assessments in compliance with ACoP L8 4th Edition

  • Stored Water Tank Disinfection / Chlorination to BS 8558, PD 855468 and HSG 274

  • Calorifier and Water Heater Descales

  • Ductwork Cleaning and Sanitisation to BESA (formerly B&ES / HVCA) and HTM standards

  • New and Existing System Flushing to general cleaning standards

  • Domestic Water System Disinfection / Chlorination to BS 8558 and PD 855468

  • Stored Water Tank Lining and Coating

  • Legionella Control Systems to ACoP L8 / HSG 274 and client specific standards

  • UKAS accredited Sampling and Analysis

  • Secure Internet Information Retrieval Service Available to Clients

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