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Providing Quality Service Nationwide

Legionella Management and Control Services


  • Risk Assessments in compliance with ACoP L8 4th Edition and BS 8580

  • Manual, electronic and online Log Books

  • Legionella Control Systems to ACoP L8 and bespoke requirements

  • Disinfection / Chlorination to BS 8558, PD 855468 and HSG274 Part 2

  • UKAS accredited Sampling and Analysis

  • Risk Assessment and Control Regime Remedial Actions

  • Calorifier Surveys and Inspections via Borescope / Endoscope

  • Calorifier and Water Heater Descales

  • TMV Servicing, Calibration and Scald Risk Assessment


Domestic Water System Modifications


  • Stored Water Tank Disinfection / Chlorination to BS 8558, PD 855468 and HSG274 Part 2

  • Flexi hose replacements

  • Stored Water Tank Replacements and Upgrades including Made to Measure Lids

  • Stored Water Tank Hollow Support and Hollow Ladder Replacements in accordance with EFA/2013/004

  • Stored Water Tank Lining and Coating

Pseudomonas Management and Control


  • Risk Assessments in compliance with HTM 04-01: Addendum

  • UKAS accredited Detection Analysis

  • Pseudomonas removal by System Modification, Disinfection or Long Term Chemical Treatment and Dosing


Ventilation Maintenance and Air Hygiene


  • Ductwork Cleaning and Sanitisation to BESA (formerly B&ES / HVCA) and HTM standards

  • Ventilation System Hygiene Audits to TR/19 and TM26 standards

  • Fire Damper Inspection, Service and Maintenance to BS 9999

  • Access Door Fitting to DW144

  • UKAS accredited Fixed Air Volume Analysis

  • Kitchen Extract Cleaning contracts

  • Kitchen Filter Cleans and Replacement service

  • AHU Refurbishment

  • System and AHU Clean and Sanitisation


Water Treatment


  • Heating and chilled Closed System Analysis and Treatment

  • New and Existing System Flushing to general cleaning standards

  • Domestic Water System Disinfection / Chlorination to BS 8558 and PD 855468

  • Automated / Constant Treatment Systems including inhibitor, biocide, chlorine dioxide and red water treatment


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